Eco Yellow Sticky Trap, Insect Trap, For White Fly, Thrips, Leaf Miner, Aphids And Jassids In Stock

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ECO Yellow sticky traps are an advanced method for monitoring and control many insects. In this study, the impact of yellow sticky traps on the population dynamics of the whitefly, determined in the greenhouse and field.

In the greenhouse, yellow sticky traps significantly suppressed the population increase of adult and immature whiteflies. The whitefly densities in the greenhouse with traps were significantly lower than in the greenhouse without traps. In the field, traps did not have a significant impact on the population dynamics of adult and immature whiteflies.

The densities in fields with traps were very similar to fields without traps. These results suggest that yellow sticky traps can be used as an effective method for the control of whiteflies in the greenhouse, and in the field. This information will prove useful for the effective management of whiteflies in greenhouses also fields.

Target Pest: Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Cabbage root fly, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetles, Capsides, Trips, Tea mesquites, leafhoppers, brown planthopper, Fruit Fly, Moth, and Other Flying Insects. Crops: Vegetable and Flowers

Size: 150mm X 200mm

How to use: Simply hang above your crop at regular intervals and count insect catch regularly to determine population size and source of the problem. Glue traps are designed to make a real impact in your greenhouse. Monitors and detects the insects in the field. Attracts all flying insects which damage the crops. Advantages of using this

IPM Product: The insect can be attractive from a long distance. High tack adhesive layer. Ideal for quick and simple monitoring. The glue is non-toxic and does not dry fast. It is easy to install in the field. They are user ECO friendly.