Yaraliva Tropicote Unique Granular Fertilizer, Contains Nitrogen(N) 15.5%, Calcium (CA) 18.8% and Chloride
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YaraLiva Tropicote is a unique granular fertilizer which contains fully soluble calcium in combination with fast acting nitrate nitrogen to give a top quality, highly marketable produce.

It is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately up to 24 metres by machine or accurately when placed by hand.

It is a free flowing material with 90% of particles 2-4mm. Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew.

This formulation offers low risk of scorch and is often used as a final topdressing to a wide range of high value crops.

Technical Content:

  • Nitrogen(N) 15.5%, Calcium (CA) 18.8% and Chloride Free

Product application advice

1. Brassicas: Apply 75kg/ha YaraLiva Tropicote, four weeks after transplanting and then    again at head /curd formation

2. Bananas: First application, 30 days after transplant @25 kg/acre

  •  Second Application, 60 days after transplant @25 kg/acre

  • Third Application, 90 days after transplant @25 kg/acre
  • Fourth Application, 160 days after transplant @25 kg/acre;

3. Cabbage: 25 kg/acre, 30-45 days after transplant.

4. Cotton: Apply 25kg/ha YaraLiva Tropicote at 80% emergence around each plant, avoiding direct contact between the fertilizer and emerging seedling.

5. Groundnuts/Peanuts: For best results, apply 63kg/ha YaraLiva Tropicote during sowing and again 30-35 days after sowing,

6. Maize: Apply YaraLiva TROPICOTE @25kg/acre at 25-35 days after the planting stage.

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