ABTL V Comp Organic Odor Control Waste Decomposer, Bio Decomposer For Kitchen, Garden And Industrial Waste.
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V-COMP-Ensures odour-free, easy decomposing V-Comp is a dynamic combination of microbes with a proprietary blend of enzymes. It has the unique potential to decompose vegetable waste in an effective manner within a short span of time. It is a strategically designed mixture of decomposing bacteria which is much superior to any decomposing microbial culture used in vegetable waste decomposition. Create healthy compost from your kitchen and garden waste with V Comp in 20 days.

Faster Decomposition Rate

Odour free

Improved soil texture and fertility

Enhanced Crop Productivity

Benefits of V-COMP :

 * Makes compost ready for use in a shorter duration by 25-30%
then the normal.

* Preserves environment by biodegradation of waste to nutritive organic manure.

* Enhances the soil quality and prevents the growth of harmful

* Rapidly removes foul odour of decaying plant material, thus
repels mosquitoes and flies.

* Prevents leaching of nutrients from waste and improves the
compost quality.

* Reduces dependency on chemical fertilizers.

Instructions for use :

* Add 50 q (10 tsp.) of V-COMP to 1L of water and keep in air tight container for 2-5 days.

* Add more water and mix with vegetable waste.

 * Ensure the heap container contents are not dry, spray water to maintain moisture.

* Alternatively add 50g of V-COMP to 50 kg of agricultural waste/ kitchen waste /Garden waste and keep it moist till complete decomposition.

Storage: Store at or below 25°C in a cool and dry place. Close the container tightly after use.

Pickup Address: Pune, MAHARASHTRA, 411045
5th Floor, ‘A’ wing, Sun Magnetica LIC Service Road, Louiswadi Thane (W) , Maharashtra 400604
Address of origin: 5th Floor, ‘A’ wing, Sun Magnetica LIC Service Road, Louiswadi Thane (W) , Maharashtra 400604