United Chemical Volvo Validamycin 3% L Fungicide, Systemic Antibiotic, Controls Sheath Blight Disease In paddy
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Technical Name: Validamycin 3% L

Validamycin 3% L Is an Antibiotic Fungicide Which Controls Sheath Blight Disease of Rice Very Effectively. It Acts On Hyphae and Destroys the Fungus by Its Contact Action and Controls the Spread of Diseases. Sheathmar Is Also Most Effective Against Soil Borne Diseases and Used for The Control of Rhizoctonia Solani in Rice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Volvo Is Safe To Crops And The Environment And Is Suitable For Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Volvo Is Compatible With All The Generally Used Insecticides And Fungicides.
  • Volvo Remains Effective For A Long Time Even After Rain.

Dose:- 35 Ml For 15 Liter Water.

Pickup Address: Bathinda, PUNJAB, 151103
B-371, Meera Bagh, Outer Ring Road, New Delhi 110087
Address of origin: B-371, Meera Bagh, Outer Ring Road, New Delhi 110087