Bio Samarth Organic (Liquid) Best Alternative to Chemical Fungicides, Trichoderma Viride & Trichoderma Harzianum , Non-Pathogenic And Eco-Friendly
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Active Ingredient

Trichoderma viride & Trichoderma  harziaum


Formulation of Trichoderma viride and Trichoderma harzianum is versatile, non-pathogenic and eco-friendly bio-controller. The product is antagonistic and hyper parasitic against different pathogens. It can be used independently and in combination with organic manure or FYM. It is excellent against root diseases like Poria, Damping off, Root rot, Potato wilt, Fusarium wilt, Rhizoctonia Blight etc.


Target Diseases

Bio-Samarth is a potent bio-control agent and is used extensively for soil borne diseases. It Controls diseases like Bacterial Wilt, Fusarium Wilt, Root Rot, Damping Off, Rhizoctonia Blight etc. 


1. Controls Poria branch canker & other root diseases.

2. Helps in early bud break in pruned bushes.

3. Protects crops from all types of soil-borne diseases.

4. Helps in vigorous root growth.

Dose and Mode of Application

•  After Pruning - 300ml/ha (Foliar Application)
• After Hail Damage or Mechanical Damage (Elephant , Tree Free fall etc.) 300ml/ha (Foliar Application)
•  Nursery Soil Preparation - 100ml/500kg (Soil Application)
•  For Primary Root Diseases -500ml/ha (Soil Application)
•  In Plantation Pit - 0.20ml/Pit (Soil Application)

Address of origin: Kolkata, WEST BENGAL, 700053