Pad Corp Cross Laminated Yellow Color Tarpaulin Flexible & Easy To Use, Multipurpose Use.
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Company / Manufacture Pad Corp
Country of origin: India




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    12 Ft x 15 Ft
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  • 1 Qty 250 GSM
    20 Ft x 24 Ft
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    30 Ft x 30 Ft

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  • Can be used as a wrap film/cover to protect cargo from dust & moisture.
  • Pad crop is an ideal material for use as a waterproof layer in civil engineering/construction.
  • Odor Containment Covers, Effective Landfill Covers.
  • It has wide use for agricultural applications.
  • Is Selected Quality Product, ideal for Agricultural, Domestic Application, Commercial, etc.
  • Pad crop sheets are joined by a hi-tech process of ultrasonic welding. Faster than conventional process & having Clean and precise joints. Pad crop provides reinforced eyelets at the corners and along the sides to form strong attachment points for hold /grip &tying it. Prevent tearing or stretching. Extremely durable & easier usage. Pad crop is an exceptionally strong co-extruded cross-laminated film manufactured through an innovative process. The special manufacturing process provides pad crop good tensile strength with strong balanced tear resistance in multi-direction.
  • Pad crop has good water barrier properties, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Pad crops can be converted by various processes such as sealing, welding, gluing, laminating, and cutting. Pad crop has high resistance to varying weather conditions. Even with sustained exposure to sunlight, wind, water, rain, or snow. Inert to most chemicals including acid, alkalis, oil, stain, etc. Good barrier property allows usage in various applications requiring liquid and gas barrier properties.
  • Pad crop has the ability to absorb UV radiation thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight. Superior technology & exceptional properties make Pad Crop a long-lasting & durable end product. Pad crop has wide use for agricultural applications. Available in a variety of sizes and can also be available in customized sizes. Due to the vagaries of rainfall, the government is encouraging and supporting water conservation and storage. Odor containment covers, effective landfill covers. Can be used as a wrap film/cover to protect cargo from dust & moisture. The use of pad crops in greenhouses provides optimal protection against weather extremities, heat, cold or heavy rains. Due to its exceptional waterproof property, pad crop is an ideal material for use as a waterproof layer in civil engineering/construction.
Address of origin: Pune, MAHARASHTRA, 411046

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9th February,2022

Very flexible and good material

Sakil khan