Syngenta Simodis Isocycloseram 9.2% ww DC + Isocycloseram 10% wv DC Broad Spectrum Insecticide.
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Company / Manufacture Syngenta India
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Introducing Simodis Insecticide: Your Comprehensive Crop Protection Solution Say goodbye to the relentless assault of destructive insects on your precious crops with Simodis Insecticide. Crafted meticulously to deliver a 360° shield, this robust solution ensures your crops remain safeguarded against a myriad of menacing pests.

Unleash the Power: Harnessing a potent, enduring effect, Simodis offers formidable protection for cotton and various vegetable crops, thwarting the onslaught of sucking and lepidopteran insects.

Swift and Sure: Simodis is not just effective; it's efficient. With its rapid spread and action, it swiftly takes command, delivering prompt control over insect populations.

Delving into Technical Excellence: Formulated with Isocycloseram at 9.2% w/w DC and Isocycloseram at 10% w/v DC, Simodis operates via contact action, utilizing a novel mode of entry. Classified as a Group 30 insecticide, it targets the insect nervous system, acting as a GABA gates chloride channel allosteric modulator.

Versatile Protection: Simodis isn't just your average insecticide; it's a comprehensive solution. Precisely honed to combat a diverse array of pests, including Thrips, mites, jassids, and lepidopteran pests, it covers all bases, ensuring thorough pest management.

Lifecycle Defense: From the immature stage to adulthood, Simodis doesn't discriminate. It tackles pests at every phase of their lifecycle, ensuring a comprehensive approach to pest control.

Combatting All Feeding Habits: Whether pests are sucking, chewing, or biting, Simodis rises to the challenge. Its efficacy extends across various feeding types, ensuring no pest remains unchecked.

Penetrating Protection: Simodis doesn't just act on the surface; it delves deep. With excellent translaminar action, its active ingredients permeate through the leaf, swiftly reaching the underside to tackle pests effectively.

Enduring Resilience: Come rain or shine, Simodis stands strong. With its remarkable sunlight stability and rain-resistant properties, it boasts extended residual activity, ensuring lasting protection for your crops.

In summary, Simodis Insecticide isn't just a solution; it's your ally in the fight against crop-destroying pests. Embrace Simodis, and fortify your crops with unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Targeted Crops: Brinjal, Chilli, Cabbage, Cotton, Red Gram, Groundnut, Soybean

Target Pests: 

Jassids and Red spider mites, Shoot & fruit borer, Leaf feeder, DBM, Yellow mites & Thrips, Fruit borer, Bollworm, Gram pod borer and Spotted pod borer, Leaf miner, Leaf worm, Semi loopers, Girdle Beetle, Stem fly.


1.2 ml per ltr of water
18 ml/Pump (15 litre pump)
240 ml/Acre (200 Litre water)

Mode of Action 

  • Simodis operates by targeting the insect pests through both contact and systemic action. 

  • It interferes with their biological processes, disrupting cell division in vascular tissues and causing abnormalities in cell wall plasticity, protein biosynthesis, and ethylene production. 

  • This dual-action approach ensures comprehensive pest control, leading to healthier and more resilient crop growth.
Pickup Address: sardulgarh, PUNJAB, 151507
Syngenta India Ltd Survey No - 110/11/3, Amar Paradigm Near Hotel Sadanand, Baner Road Pune, Maharashtra 411045
Address of origin: Syngenta India Ltd Survey No - 110/11/3, Amar Paradigm Near Hotel Sadanand, Baner Road Pune, Maharashtra 411045