Seaweed Gel , 100% Pure Seaweed Pulp, Natural Combination Of Micro Nutrients
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Seaweed Gel , 100% Pure Seaweed Pulp , Natural Combination Of Micro Nutrients, Macro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients and Plant Growth Hormones

GOLD GEL is 100% Water Soluble Pure Seaweed Pulp. This Seaweed Pulp is a natural combination of Micro Nutrients, Macro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients and Plant Growth Hormones that help to increase the intake of dissolved nutrients, which reduces the fertilizer runoff. Gold Gel increase the chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis process, it helps to prevent the nutrients heat stress and deficiency.

Gold Gel is a soil conditioner that enriches your Agricultural Land and makes the soil fertile, thus, improving the immune system of the plants. Hence, Gold Gel increases the quality and the quantity of the yields products from your land.

Our Gold Gel (Seaweed Gel) is the only product with all 3 Plant Growth Harmones, that helps the Plants in Flower formation, Root formation and Stem formation.

Gold Gel (Seaweed Gel) can be mixed with all fertilizers for use on all crops.

1. No Residue and sentiment Particles
2. Specially Made for Drip Irrigation
3. Best Replacement for Seaweed Powder
4. Our Gold Gel (Seaweed Gel) can be converted for liquid formulation and Bentonite Coating
(1:4 Ratio – 1kg Gold Gel diluted with 4 litre of water)
5. It increases the soil water holding Capacity upto 30%, Resist against unforeseen condition.

1. Our Seaweed Gel increases the percentage of Azospirillum Bacteria (nitrogen fixing
bacteria) in soil which will help absorb Nitrogen from atmospherse.
2. It helps plants in the intake of atmospheric nitrogen that is essential in the healthy growth of crops.
3. It aids in reducing the amount of usage of synthetic fertilizer.
4. Our Seaweed Gel makes soil more fertile when used in less / unfertile soil.
5. Enlarged Root System, Enlarged Leaf Structure and Excellent Seed Germination
6. Crop yield and quality is increased upto 30%
7. Enriches the Soil and making the root colour into its natural white.

Seaweed Extract, Macro, micro & Secondary Nutrients, Alginic, Proteins Hydrolyzed, Vitamins & Minerals.

Dose by Foliar Spray: 1-2 gms of Seaweed Gel per liter of water.
Dose by Drip: For Short Term crop: 2-3 kg per acre.
Dose by Drip: For Long Term crop: 5-6 kg per acre.
Basal Application: For Short Term crop: 2-3 kg per acre.
Basal Application: For Long Term crop: 5-6 kg per acre.

Address of origin: Shamrock Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Communal Tower 3rd Floor, Shamrock Offices, Opposite Jai Hind Hosiery Market, Bus Stand Pandri., Raipur, CHHATTISGARH, 492004