Jeevodharini Immuno: Bioconsortium For Protecting Plants From Disease Causing Microbes In Stock

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It improves the yield by improving plant health through controlling diseases and soil fertility by producing plant-growth-promoting substances.


1. Seed treatment: Mix 10 ml of Immuno in cold jaggery solution and apply evenly on 10 kg of seed surface. Dry treated materials in shade before sowing.

2. Drip Irrigation: Mix 1 liter in 200 liters of water and apply using a drip irrigation system.

3. Soil Application/Broadcasting: Mix 1 liter with 200kg compost incubate for 4 days and apply to a two-acre area.

4. Soil Drenching: Mix 1 liter in 100-200 liters of water and drench 500ml solution near the root zone of the crop.

5. Foliar spray: Mix 10 ml Immuno in one liter of water and spray early morning or late evening 

TIME OF APPLICATION: Apply the product during the early morning or late afternoon after pre-wetting the surface for the drip/drenching method. 

PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all agrochemicals except pesticide /insecticide but care should be taken to avoid direct contact of chemical-based inputs with Biofertilizers which is likely to reduce the microbial population of the product.