Real Earth Plant Growth Promoter, Humic Acid, Micronutrients, Enhances Root Respiration, Root Elongation & Development Of Root Hairs Out of stock

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Active Ingredient:

Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and micronutrients

Description: Real Earth is a rich source of Humic & related acids for plants & soils. It acts as a growth stimulant by chelating major & minor nutrients. It also acts as a catalyst & buffer against the harsh conditions in the soils. Soil application enhances the growth & development of roots. Foliar Application encourages & maintains a better C/N ratio in the plant & maintains turgidity. Ultimately it improves yield potential in stress conditions.


  1. Increases water holding capacity & buffering properties of the soil
  2. Enhances microbial activity
  3. Improves physical, chemical & Biological properties of soils
  4. Increases the protein & mineral contents of the crop, producing thicker, greener and healthier crops
  5. Enhances root respiration, root elongation & development of root hairs.
  6. Conserves moisture in root & shoot to maintain turgidity.

Target: Growth Stimulant, Drought Management, improving yield, maintain plant turgidity, Maintain better C/N ratio.


Soil Application: 2 / 2.5 ltr / ha (to apply at collar region to encourage new foliage)

Foliar Application: 250 ml / ha (for improving bush health) / 400 ml / ha (for drought management when there is foliage)

Young tea & nursery: 500 ml / 500 ltr water (for drenching bushes in one Acre)

Planting Pit: 1 ltr / 500 ltr water (for spraying in the pit in one Acre)