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ABTEC Perlite is prepared from a pH-neutral, sterile, safe-to-handle volcanic mineral. ABTEC Perlite is prepared for gardening use by super-heating this mineral until it expands to more than ten times its original volume. The expanded perlite is full of tiny air bubbles, and its dimpled surface area helps trap moisture. Mixing perlite into your soil, whether it's in a garden or for container plants, helps aerate the soil, protects against extreme climate fluctuations, protects against over-watering and makes moisture readily available to plants.

MAJOR RAW MATERIAL : Perlite is not a trade name but a generic term for naturally occurring silicous rock. The distinguishing feature which sets perlite apart from other volcanic glasses is that when heated to a suitable point in its softening range, it expands from four to twenty times its original volume.


ABTEC Perlite is mainly used for making soil - less hydroponic medium for plant growth. For this take 1 part ABTEC Perlite, 1 part Exfoliated Vermiculite and 3 parts Coirpith compost and mix together. ABTEC Perlite can also be added to soil to increase the aeration and water holding capacity of soil.