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    Mg - 9.6% , S - 12%

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Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer (Epsom Salt for Plants) - 10 kg (10 packs of 1 kg)

Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) helps in seed germination, making plants grow bushier, producing more flowers, increasing chlorophyll production and deterring pests, such as slugs and voles.

It also provides vital nutrients to supplement your regular fertilizer.

Composition- Mg9.6%, S-12%

Can be used by drip fertigation or foliar spray.

Dose - 5gms per litre of water by foliar spray or drip

100%  Water Soluble Fertilizer

(Note - You will receive 10 packets of 1kg Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer)


Legal Disclaimer - For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

27th October,2018

works as a magic on any type of plant. i grow my plants in pots and add a spoon of epsom salt in the soil every 3 weeks and getting great results. plants are healthy and leaves are dark green

19th February,2019


28th November,2019

very nice product and working properly

29th November,2019

its usable product . thank u agribegri

7th December,2019

that's perfect for plant growth