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  • Jailaxmi Plus - 2kg (1kg*2 pack)

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    Organic Fertilizer

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    Deenee Chemicals Pvt Ltd

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Descriptions :

Jailaxmi Plus is a Premium Organic Fertilizer made from high quality organic raw materials. It is a certified organic input. It has a proper mix of essential nutrients, organic matter and microorganisms which provides essential nutrient to plants as and when they need it. 


  • Improves Organic Matter content of the soil
  • Increases plant beneficial microbes in the media
  • Promotes new shoots of superior quality.
  • Improves the quality of leaves, flowers and fruits
  • Helps plants overcome Biotic and Abiotic Stress

ApplicationJust mix 1 part Jailaxmi Plus and 4 parts soil or media and water after successfully placing the plant in the potmix. Wate the plants every 2 or 3 days as per the season. Use once every month for consistent resuts. In existing pots, take 50-300gms of Jailaxmi Plus depending on pot size and plant, remove 2-6 inch soil from the edges of the pot, apply the fertilizer and cover it with soil or media.Apply 50-300gm per pot/plant as per the size.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Saeed Ansari
26th October,2018

Tried it on my plants....works well...saw improvement after using the product

16th November,2018

Very satisfied with the product.