Seed Germination Spray Home Garden Seed and Plant Booster Spray, Contains 16 Micro And Macronutrients, Organic Carbon And Humus. In Stock

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Infused with organic Humate and Fulvic Acid it improves nutrient absorption. A fast-acting solution strengthens the root system and revives the leaves on the verge of wilting and dying. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, potted, home-gardening, and commercial gardening. Best organic seed germination spray for quicker seed germination strengthens and boosts root development and plant growth.


Humic acids come into direct contact with the seeds before they are coated with several nutritious layers. Its quick action solution penetrates the soil and feeds with essential compounds that aid in plant functioning.

This method has the following effects:

  • The cell membrane, as well as metabolism activities, are stimulated and therefore increase the germination rate.
  • The nutrient uptake capacity is increased and promotes therefore the growth of the seedling.
  • The sugar and vitamin content is raised
  • The activity of the seedling is promoted when a lower susceptibility to diseases is given.


  • It contains 16 micro & macronutrients, Organic Carbon & Humus.
  • Faster Germination & Quicker Establishment.
  • Promotes Root Development of the seedling.
  • Contains the Highest Level of Natural Humic and Fulvic Acid.
  • Enhances Nutrition Uptakes.
  • Reduction in the susceptibility to Pests and Diseases
  • Balances pH level in the soil.


  • Spray once every 15 days for Best Results.
  • Spray evenly on the Soil.
  • For Best Results use Organic Elements - Soil Conditioner.


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray evenly over plants
  • For best results use along with Organic Elements.
  • Humate Soil Conditioner.

Can be used at any time of the year on all plants. Compatible with almost all fertilizer, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and defoliants. Can be applied to all crops, plants, trees, and vines.