Neuken Novaluron 5.25% + Emamectin benzoate 0.9% SC, For Effective Control Of Wide Range of Lepidopteran Pests
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General Info

  • Neuken is an effective solution for controlling a wide range of lepidopteran pests which can cause significant yield losses. Its quick knockdown effect controls the damage instantly & through its long duration of control, it helps in reduction in the cost of pest management.

  • Mode of Action:

  • Neuken has a two-way action.

  • It interferes with the neuromuscular process at the nerve-muscle junction causing permanent prevention of muscle contraction leading to Paralysis and death of insects.

  • It also affects the biochemical processes and acts as a chitin inhibitor inside the insect causing abortive molting. Hence the insect cannot move to the next instar stage and finally dies.

  • Registered Crops: Rice, Chilli, Program, Cabbage

  • Dosage: 2ml per liter



Quick knockdown

Stops crop damage immediately and minimizes crop losses.

Broad-Spectrum Control

Effectively controls different types of Lepidopteran caterpillars.

Unique and Differentiated mode of action

Kills the insect with two-way action and provides significantly effective control.

Dual-mode of action

Effective for insect resistance management.

Longer duration of control

Reduces the number of sprays to farmers and hence reduces the farmer cost of pest control.

Safe product

Safe to applicator and crop.

Phyto tonic

Provides lush green color to crop due to increase in chlorophyll and hence better yield.

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