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Flower king is a research-oriented product, specially designed for flower boosting in crops. It contains 20% nitrobenzene along with naturally available proteins which are essential for plants.

It acts as a growth regulator and thus induces profuse flowering. It is also used as a plant energizer, flowering stimulant & yield booster. Flower king can be widely used on a commercial level to produce more vigorous growth by promoting flowering and fruiting in crops. Resulting in increased yield and better quality. It helps to enhance the plant canopy.


  • Increased photosynthesis that triggers the growth of flowers thus significantly enhances the flowering rate of the plant. Stops flower dropping.
  • Stimulates numerous processes like cell division, cell elongation, and formation of buds, roots, flowers & fruits.


Mix 2-3 ml of Flower-king per liter of water & sprays on recommended crops. (It is compatible with pesticides & fungicides)


Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Ornamental plants, Vegetables, Fruit crops, Cotton, Paddy, Wheat, Soyabean, Chilli, etc.

Mode of Action

It contains substances with improved absorbance on the substrate. The growth-promoting substances & the available nitrogen generates a synergetic effect. It regulates the amount, type & direction of plant growth. It affects numerous processes like cell division, elongation, autumnal loss of leaves & formation of buds, roots, flowers & fruits.

Flowering can be widely used on a commercial level to produce more vigorous growth, by promoting flowering & thus fruiting in crops.