Utkarsh MAP (12:61:00) (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) (NH4) H2PO4, Free-Flowing. In Stock

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• MAP (12:61:00) is free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water to form a spray solution.
• MAP (12:61:00) water-soluble fertilizer containing the highest phosphorus (P) content available. MAP Can be applied along with all water-soluble fertilizers except calcium fertilizers.
• MAP (12:61:00) is useful for uniform bumper and healthy flowering. MAP is having nitrogen in ammoniacal (NH4) and offers better control for n- availability.
• MAP (12:61:00) is virtually free from Chloride, Sodium, and Other harmful elements to plants.

Application & Doses : Recommendations: Foliar Spray Application.

DOSE: For all fruits crops it will be 75-90gm / 15L water, For All Vegetable crops it will be 60-75gm / 15L water, For All Pulses, it will be 50-75gm / 15L water, For Cotton and soya bean it will be 75-90gm / 15L water, For Floriculture crops it will be 60-75gm / 15L water.