Leafy Harvest For Rich Harvesting Of Green Leafy Vegetables, Bio Enzyme Fertilizer, Plant Growth Booster, Root Bio.
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Ideal Food for Your Leafy Greens
Leafy Harvest is a proprietary blend of enzymes along with dynamic populations of Lactobacilli spp, possessing a high potential to modify the nutrient uptake in plants. It ensures a
nutrient rich source of homegrown leafy greens. It not only
enhances the nutritional quality of plants but also removes
undesirable compounds in the root zone thus increases the
bioavailability of nutrients, leaving a residue free soil and
supporting sustainable development.

Benefits of Leafy Harvest :

- Effective in uniform germination of seeds.

- Root development allows greater uptake of nutrients.

- Ensures healthy plant and vigorous growth.

- Ensures a rich harvest of green leafy vegetables.

- Reduces chances of seed borne diseases.

Crops : Turnip, Beet, Spinach, Chicory, cabbage, collard greens, kale, leaf lettuce and all other vegetable crops.

Dosage : 10gm (2 tsp.) of  Leafy Harvest. Mix with 3-4 kg of soil.

Application :

- Add this mixture,to about one inch layer onto the top soil layer of pre tilled soil.

- Sow seeds on the top layer, preferably after wetting the soil.

1. Take 10gm (2 tsp.) of Leafy Harvest. Mix with 3-4 kg of soil.

2. Add this mixture, about 1 inch layer onto the top soil layer of
pre tilled soil.

Sow seeds onthe top layer, preferably after wetting the soil.

Add at subsequent intervals of 15-20 days of seedling emergence, growth of leaves, till flowering/ fruiting occurs.

Safety Precaution : The product may cause irritation. Person handling this material should be protected against direct inhalation of the dust and contact with skin and eyes.

Storage : Store at or below 25°C ina cool and dry place. Close the container tightly after use.

Address of origin: PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, 411045