Katra Fertilizers (Virus-G 100ml + Miticide 250ml) Virucide Botanical Extract, Recommended For All Crops that are Affected By Virus
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Katra Fertilizers Virus-G

  • Virus-G Is A Bio-Chemical Based Bio-Stimulant, Contains Novel Bioactive Compound Salicylic Acid Which, Plays An Important Role In The Growth And Development Of The Plant For Important Physiological Roles Such As Increasing The Plant’s Response To Stress Conditions (Biotic And A-Biotic) By Increasing The Resistance Of The Plant. Also Increases Total Biomass, Increases Yield, and Plant Quality.

Katra Fertilizers Miticide

Curcumin 1% is a unique botanical virucide extracted from Turmeric.

Miticide: It is a botanical miticide extracted from Neem and Datura


  • Pre Treatment Of Virus-G Can Improve Plant Function; Immune Ability And Environmental Adjustment Ability, Disease Resistance, and Drought Resistance.
  • It Plays An Important Role In the Induction Of Plant Defence Through Morphological, Physiological And Biochemical Mechanisms.
  • It Affects Plant Growth Under Stress Through Nutrient Uptake, Water Relations, Stomata Regulation And Photosynthesis.
  • It Regulates The Activities Of Important Group Of Defence Enzymes (Peroxidase, Polyphenol Oxidase, Superoxide Dismutase, and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lease Etc.) That Defend Plants Against Various Biotic And Abiotic Stresses (Heat And Drought).
  • It Induces A Range Of Defence Genes, Most Notably Those Encoding The Pathogenesis-Related Proteins.
  • Regulate The Uptake Of Other Plant Nutrients and reduce Plant Accumulation Of Toxic Heavy Metals.
  • Enhance Crop Yield, Quality, And Plant.
  • Increases Post-Harvest Life of Green Vegetables.
  • It Increases the Plant’s Ability to Withstand Salt Stress Particularly Harmful Sodium Chloride (NaCl).
  • It Also Has the Ability to Bind Conjugate with Some Amino Acids, Which Increases the Plant’s Effectiveness.
  • Resisting Environmental Stresses and At the Same Time Maintains Systemic Acquired Resistance.


  • It Is Recommended For All Crops That Are Affected By Virus Like - Like Cereals, Vegetable, Top Fruits, Spices Medicinal Crop Etc.,

Mode Of Action

  • 2 To 3 Times During The Growth And Development Stages Of The Plant And On the Appearance Of Bacterial And Viral Infections.


  • 1 Ml Per Litre Water (100 Ml/Acre)

1 Set Contains
1 Qty Of Virus G (100 ML)
1 Qty Of Miticide (250 ML)

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Address of origin: 3rd, 306, Chetak Centre, 12/2, RNT Marg, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001