Mycorrhizal Indomyco For Plants, Bio Fertilizer For Agriculture, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Mycorrhiza Granules for Indoor & Outdoor
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A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus.

The plant makes organic molecules such as sugars by photosynthesis and supplies them to the fungus

The fungus supplies to the plant water and mineral nutrients, such as phosphorus, taken from the soil.

Mycorrhizal constitutes a group of root obligate biotrophs that exchange mutual benefits with about 80% of plants.

They are considered natural biofertilizers, since they provide the host with water, nutrients, and pathogen protection, in exchange for photosynthetic products.

Recommended crops: Sugarcane, paddy, banana, cereals, vegetables, legumes, turmeric, cotton, cardamom, ginger, coffee, tea, fruit, and other cash crops.

Direction for use: 4 kg/acre as soil application.

Address of origin: Ambala City, HARYANA, 134003