Bitter Gourd Chintu F1 Hybrid - Safal Bio Seeds, Karela Ke Beej, Showing Seasons are January-April and May-August Out of stock

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Brand: safal bio seeds.

Production : 40 - 50 quintal / acre.

Quantity: Bitter gourd seed rate is 3 to 3.4 kg per acre.

Maturity : 50 - 60 days.

Germination: 80 to 90%.

Weight : 30 - 40 gm.

Showing session January-April and may-august.

Shine brand seeds provide are very good vigorous variety green to dark green colour, medium-size fruit, high yielding variety, the product of Thailand.

Germination time: Bitter gourd seed will germinate in 10-15 days.

How to sow: The seed sowing depth and the spacing: once your container or growing space is ready, make a ½ inch hole to sow the seeds.

Temperature: Seed germination is much better when a heating seed mat is used as the temperatures need to be at least 30°c for the bitter melon to grow.

Production: Yielding starts from 55 to 60 days after sowing, and it continues for up to 75 to 80 days. Harvesting can be done every 3 to 4 days from the first day of harvesting. The farmer can get yield up to 4 tons per acre.