YaraVita Bud Builder Best for Apple, Grapes and Coffee Plants Growth, Contains Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, And Trace Amounts Of Boron.
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Chemical Formula: Containing 6.9% of P2O5, 24% of Mg, 3% of B, and 10% of Zn, YaraVita Bud Builder is a potent blend of essential nutrients designed to enhance fruit flowering and set.

Recommended Dosage: For optimal results, apply YaraVita Bud Builder through spraying at a rate of 1-1.25 kilograms per acre.

Application Method: This product is best applied through spraying, ensuring thorough coverage for effective absorption by the plants.

Targeted Effects: Ideal for pre-flowering application, YaraVita Bud Builder works to bolster flowering and fruit setting, promoting healthier yields.

Duration of Efficacy: Expect the effects of YaraVita Bud Builder to last approximately 15-20 days post-application.

Suitable Crops: This formula is tailored for use on apple, coffee, and grape crops, providing targeted nutrition to support their growth and development.

Additional Information: YaraVita Bud Builder, available in a wettable powder form, not only enhances flowering and fruit set but also contributes to the luster and quality of fruits.

Important Note: While the information presented here serves as a guide, it's essential to consult the product labels and accompanying literature for comprehensive details and precise application instructions.

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