Ezzy Garden Special Slow Release Fertilizer Capsule, 30 Capsule (1 Bottle).
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Company / Manufacture Ezzy Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
Country of origin: India




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Rose Special Capsule.
Day 60 Rose Special Capsule is specially designed for the rose Plant. The main idea behind this is to provide organic nutrients which are needed for healthy growth.

It is an organic fertilizer that consists of special vitamins and enzymes with plant extracts, humic acid, amino acid, and seaweed extract. It is a special plant food developed for maximum color and bloom yield.

It is suitable for all rose variants and protects the plant against soil-borne diseases and organisms. It is a 100% organic product and increases rose flowers, size, fragrance, and color. Also produces vibrant colors in both the stems and blooms of roses.

Aloe Vera Special
Day 60 Aloe vera Special Capsule is specially designed to prevent the aloe vera leaves from drying out.

It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium with special nutrients which are essential for the growth of the aloe vera plants.

It Increases leaf density & rate of photosynthesis to provide greenish color to leaves as well as increases pulp quantity in leaves.

It is a 100 % organic product and provides nutrients for the overall growth of the aloe vera plant.

Tulsi Special
Day 60 Tulsi Special Capsule is specially designed for the Tulsi Plant. It has good water holding capacity so the plant gets much time to absorb the nutrients present in water.

It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium & Micronutrients which are important for the growth & green color of plants.

It is 100% Organic and improves soil & fertilizes your plants by helping them to absorb water, oxygen & other nutrients. Also helps to enlarge roots and strengthen the tulsi’s stem.

Its anti-microbial property helps plants to grow healthy. Prevents tulsi from drying out and increases yield as well.

How To Use Capsule (same process for all):- 

Pot Size (inches)No. Of capsule
4 to 6"1
8 to 10"2
12 to 14"3

Step 1:- Measure your Pot's diameter in Inches using a scale.

Step 2:- Moist the soil using water in your pot.

Step 3:- Refer to the above table and insert the suggested number capsule in moist soil.

Step 4:- Water regularly and insert new capsules every 60 days.

Address of origin: Indore, MADHYA PRADESH, 452001