Dhanuka Nabood Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF, Post-Emergent Herbicide For Wheat Crop
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Company / Manufacture Dhanuka Agritech Limited
Country of origin: India




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Technical name: Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF

NABOOD (Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF) belongs to a novel class of chemistry, the aryl triazolinones, which provides ‘best in class’ control of broad leaf weeds by inhibiting the Protoporyphyrinogen Oxidase (PPO) enzyme in the target weeds. This green chemistry is highly lethal to the target weeds and provides quick knockdown of the target weeds. Acting as a post-emergent herbicide for Wheat crops, Nabood acts on the cell membrane resulting in the immediate collapse of the target weeds.


  • Nabood is a post-emergent, foliar herbicide for managing the BLWs in wheat. 

  • Nabood is registered for use against all broadleaf weeds in wheat with excellent control of key weeds like Chenopodium album, Melilotus Indica, Melilotus alba, Medicago denticulata etc.

  • Nabood has excellent crop safety and can be used on all the varieties of wheat grown in India.

  • Nabood has very good compatibility with most grass herbicides of wheat crop.


Wheat - Chenopodium album, Melilotus indica, Melilotus alba, Medicago denticulata, Lathyrus aphaca, anagallis arvensis, Vicia sativa, Circium arvense, Rumex sp, Malwa sp. - 20 Gm Per acre

Direct Seeded Rice - Ludwigia parviflora, Digera arvensis, Phyllanthus niruri, Spilanthes sp, Eclipta alba, Cyperus sp - 25 Gm Per acre

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82, Abhinash Mansion,First Floor, Joshi Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110005
Address of origin: 82, Abhinash Mansion,First Floor, Joshi Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110005