Dhanuka Dabooch Diclosulam 84% WDG, A Member of the Triazolopyrimidine Sulfonamide Family, is a Pre-Emergence Herbicide Applied in Soybean.
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Company / Manufacture Dhanuka Agritech Limited
Country of origin: India


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Dabooch, a member of the Triazolopyrimidine Sulfonamide family, is a pre-emergence herbicide applied in Soybean crops within 3 days after sowing. It is Systemic in action and provides superior control of key broadleaf weeds in soybean in addition to suppression of key grasses and sedges. Safe to soybean as well as succeeding crops at the recommended dose.

Dabooch inhibits acetolactate synthase enzyme (ALS) in weeds and stops protein synthesis & control the weeds.


  • Weed control from day one: Controls weed before they emerge out of soil surface hence they do not cause any losses to the crop.

  • Spraying and sowing together: Dabooch provides hassle-free weed control where sowing and herbicide application can be completed in the same time frame leading to cost-saving.

  • Dabooch application timing is not dependent on rains, however, normal rainfall after application supports its performance.

  • Safe to soybean and key succeeding crops.

Address of origin: Sagar, MADHYA PRADESH, 470002