Chilli Seeds Jalsa 3 Hybrid - Indus Seeds, Mirchi Ke Beej, Suitable for long-distance shipping, Dark green color to red color at Maturity
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Company / Manufacture Indus Seeds
Country of origin: India




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Fruit Size : Length : 14-16 Cm 

Diameter : 1.2-1.3 Cm 

Production: Dry Chillies Of The Rain-Fed Crop Is 200 – 400 Kg And The Irrigated Crop Is 600 – 1000 Kg Per Acre.

Germination: 80 To 90%.

Maturity: 60 To 65 Days.

Quantity : 90 - 110 Gm / Acre.

Transplantation Specialties: Suitable for long-distance shipping, good heat-set, Moderately pungent, Good Marketability. Dark green color to red color at maturity, fruit length is 14 to 16 cm. very high pungent performance well under high temperature, tolerant to different disease. Long, high pungent, slight wrinkles on the skin, high yielding, tolerant to major disease & perform under high temp.

Prepare soil mixed with organic manure or compost before sowing the seeds after all frost and check the soil is clean from any weed or insect open the seed packet on a white sheet of paper as while opening the seeds might fall, which are not visible to naked eyes after preparing the soil, sprinkle the seeds over the soil cover the seeds with little soil or press with gentle hand while watering, care needs to be taken to only sprinkling water through a sprinkler or manually using your hands do not use pipe or a mug to water for the first week, as the force of water might damage the seed germination process.

Germination may take place 10-18 days, depending upon different varieties. For herbs or small seeds variety, special care needs to be taken to cover the sowing area with transparent polythene in the evening for fast germination of all flowers, tomatoes, chili, peppers, brinjal, etc. All needs to be transplant once the plant is 3-4 inches.

All varieties require very less water and need sunlight min 2 - 3 hours daily for winter variety 1 - 2 hours the sun is fine for the germination process.

Address of origin: INDORE , MADHYA PRADESH, 452010