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PLANTING PROCEDURE: SEASON OF PLANTING: Planting during the pre-monsoon showers or prior to active monsoon. Pre planting operation: Demarcation/fencing to be completed at least three months prior to planting. Weeding, at least 15 days prior to planting.

PIT SIZE & TREATMENT: 45 X 45 X 45 cm cubical pits, to be half filled and kept exposed to the sun for top soil sterilization for about a month.

PLANTING: Along with the pre-monsoon showers/prior to active monsoon the pits are completely filled and planted with one-year-old planting stock. The filled-up soil is to be compacted around the plant.

SPACING: Spacing of 5 X 5 m for shoot production and 6 X 6M for timber.

SOIL/WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES: Moisture/water harvesting trenches (60cm X 45cm X 30cm) are to be dug along the interspaces in the alternate rows of planting when planted in 6 X 6 m spacing.

HARVESTING. Culms (timber) should be harvested only during nonrainy months. No current year culms are to be cut. For propagation, about 20 % of two-year-old culms can be selectively cut from all portions of the clumps which can be made use of for vegetative propagation through rooting of culm cuttings. About 60% of the 3-year-old culms and almost all of the 4th year culms can be cut and removed.

However, it is always better to retain a few older culms in the clump to serve as support for the younger newly emerging culms. If the stand is managed for edible shoots, they are to be cut either in the early morning or late evening when the sprouts attain 35 to 45 cm in height. While harvesting the tender shoots care should be taken to see that only 60% of the sprouts that too from all portions of the clump are removed while 40 % are retained in the clump.

Flowering cycle: 45-55 years CULMS: Dendrocalamus strictus is a medium-sized bamboo with culms of about 8-20 m tall and 2.5-8 cm in diameter. The internodes are 30-45 cm long and thick-walled.

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Address of origin: 325, Pillanna Garden, Stage 3, Kadugondanahalli, Bengaluru, 9th Cross Road, Kadugondanahalli, Bangalore 560045