Shakti Ensure - Best Organic Fungicide (PQQ and Vitamin B9) , Powerful Natural And Nutritional Antioxidant , Eco-Friendly
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Shakti Ensure is a unique and spectacular Bio Stimulant which is a combination of PQQ and B9. It is an extremely powerful natural and nutritional antioxidant, which stimulates plant  growth  including  cellular  growth, development, differentiation and survival. It inhibits the fungal growth and  induce  systemic  resistance  of Enterobacter intermedium. It improves naturally the immunity of the plant against harmful microorganism. It is Eco-friendly and does not leave any taint or residue in the end. Shakti  Ensure is the best organic fungicide available online.

Target Diseases:

Shakti Ensure controls all types of Plant Diseases i.e., Blister blight, Late blight, Early blight, Grey Blight, Black rot, Red rust, Rice Blast, Anthracnose, Phomopsis Cane, Cercospora Leaf Spot etc.


1. It acts as an effective preventive Bio-Controller.

2. It inhibits fungal growth and stimulates the overall growth of plants including cellular growth, development, differentiation and survival.

3. It improves the immunity of the plant against harmful microorganisms and helps to fight infection.

4. It acts as a diseases suppressor and thus acts as a plant growth enhancer.

5. It is beneficial in Phosphate solubilization and plays an important role in Nitrogen assimilation.

6. It helps in chlorophyll synthesis resulting in flower and fruit setting.

7. It helps plants to overcome stress by maintaining water equilibrium.

Active Ingredient : PQQ and Vitamin B9

Dosage: 0.4 ml/ltr or 160 ml/ha

For Severe Blight: 0.6 ml/ltr or 240 ml/ha


Address of origin: Kolkata, WEST BENGAL, 700053