AgroKill A Herbal Nanotechnology based Smart Crop Protector, Protects Crop from Sucking Pests, Bacterial Infections and Fungal Infections In Stock

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  • AGRO-KILL is a broad-spectrum Nanotechnology-based smart crop protector
  • AGRO-KILL protects crops from a variety of sucking pests, bacterial infections, and fungal infections.
  • Also shows the repellant mode of action due to its unique ingredients.  
  • 100% Organic & Non-carcinogenic product.
  • Due to its unique mode of action of disintegrating the outer layer of the pests, it shows instantaneous results by starting working between 5 to 30 mins.
  • It does not harm predator pests, natural enemies, pollinators, plants, and humans. AGRO-KILL protects the good and keeps the bad away.


For All Crops


Pest & Disease: Whitefly, Thrips, Mealybug, Fall Armyworm, Aphids, Jassids, Leaf Miner, Caterpillar, Citrus Psyllid, Leaf Curl Virus, Powdery Mildew, and Mold. It can also control Nematodes, White grubs, and any other fungal infections in soil using drip irrigation.


Active Ingredients

Nano Colloidal Micelles (Fatty Acid-based Plant Extracts): 100%



  • Mix 3.0 ml of Agro-Kill in 1Ltr water and liberally spray the crops (from above and below) using a foliar or power spray. (Doses can be varied according to crop and climate)
  • For better results, spray once a week. During heavy infestations, spray at four days intervals.
  • Drip Irrigation: 500ml of AGRO-KILL per acre.
  • For better results, use a good quality spreader.
  • Time of spray: In the early morning or late evening.


Compatibility: Compatible with all pesticides and fungicides.


(AGRO-KILL does not come under the Fertilizer Act (FCO)/ Fertilizer regulatory or the Schedule of Insecticides Act (CIB)/ Pesticides regulatory)