Agro Charger Herbal Green Organic Nutrient Uptake Enhancer for Strong & Healthy Plant Growth
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Agro Charger


Agro Charger - Herbal is an organic crop growth enhancer. It is not a fertilizer. Agro Charger - Herbal significantly enhances the bioavailability of nutrients for plants & helps them better absorb the nutrients given by the farmer. It is very powerful for two reasons:

1. It is made from plants and applied to plants (Ayurvedic Sciences)

2. Its unbelievably small nano size (Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics)

As a result, Agro Charger - Herbal significantly:

Improves crop yield

~ Bigger and better quality fruits (size, colour and texture)

~ More fruits / Increased yield (greater than 30%)

Boosts innate immunity of the plants and crops

~ Improves plant health, hardiness & vigour

Significantly enhances nutritional values of the yield - e.g. sugar (BRIX) & protein contents

Strengthens plants to resist damage from cold weather & frost

Optimizes fertilizer usage

Accelerates plant growth to maturity

Protects against insects & diseases, and controls pest infestations

Enhances root follicles and increases root branches (robust root system)

Lengthens post-harvest produces shelf-life

Increases efficiency of water uptake & ensures even wetting

~ Comparatively less water needed to grow plants

Does not contain any volatile organic compounds that may cause the user (farmer/sprayer) any harm Non-toxic

Readily bio-degradable (zero residues)

Pesticide residue-free


Environment friendly


Does not contain irritating fumes or odour



For Foliar Spraying

1. Mix 2mL of Agro Charger-Herbal per 1L of non-chlorinated water.

2. Using a regular foliar spray, electrostatic spray or power spray, liberally spray the crops/plants with the mixture.

3. Ensure that the crops/plants are thoroughly wetted (i.e. from the above and below).

4. Repeat this application once every 2 to 3 weeks as per the crop.

For best results, mix a fresh batch every time, just prior to use

Avoid spraying during the flowering stage and do not spray directly on flowers.

Agro Charger - Herbal can be mixed with other fertilizers and non-ionic spreaders



For the Drip System/Drenching

1. Mix 2mL of Agro Charger-Herbal for every 1L of non-chlorinated water in a tank.

2. Spread the mixture to the crops/plants via drip systems as per usual.

3. Repeat this application every 2 to 3 weeks as per the crop.

For best results, mix a fresh batch every time, just prior to use

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