Anand Amino Acid Powder 80% Is Unique Blend of 18 Essential Amino Acids, Maintain the Resistance Power of Crop In Stock

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Anand Amino Acid is a unique blend of 18 essential amino acids are combined with a source of protein hydrolyses. The amino acids are easily absorbed in the nutrition process of the crops. It also increases the size of fruits. Over-all strength. Maintain the resistance power of your crop.

Benefits: Increase resistance to stress (high temperatures, low humidity, drought, pest attack plants, frost, and flood).

Protein synthesis.

Increase the content of chlorophyll.

Regulate stomata opening (mouth leaves).

Chelating agent (binder) micro elements.

Raw materials' hormone.

Help pollination and fruit set.

Increase soil microbial activity.

Doses:- For Foliar Spray 1 gm per liter of water. For Drip irrigation 500gm per acre as per your plant requirement.