MEGATEX HDPE 350 GSM Organic Vermi Compost Maker Bed Green Premium Quality. In Stock

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HDPE Organic Vermicompost Maker Bed for Agricultural Purpose.

Material: - HDPE Crush with UV STABILIZE PLASTIC

Processor: - Heat Sealed

 Multilayer HDPE Fabric

Features: HDPE Vermicompost Bed

  • Durable and easy to install
  • Long-lasting material, UV stabilized
  • Excellent multi-threaded stitching quality
  • Very helpful to produce vermicompost, earthworms, and organic manure for agriculture use.
  • Expected life: 3 Years for 250 GSM, 5 Years for 350 GSM, 7 Years for 450 GSM. 

Specifications: HDPE Vermicompost Bed

  • Product Type: Vermicompost Bed
  • Colour: Green
  • Material: HDPE
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • UV stabilized: Yes
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • No. of pockets for bamboo: 16
  • Bed Temperature: 20-30 Degree Celsius
  • Selling Type: - Hydraulic Heat Seal process
  • Durable, long-lasting, waterproof
  • Air ventilation window for healthy compost 
  • Vermi wash Outlet
  • Item Shape: - Rectangular.
  1. MEGA-TEX is in operation in manufacturing & supplying these “MEGA-TEX Vermi Bed” for cultivating vermicompost vermi wash and earthworms which will reduce the farmer's expenses on chemical fertilizer. Mega-tex Vermi Bed is totally different from other conventional methods of composting because of ease in installation, quick composting process, quality of the compost produced, and collection of vermi wash.
  2. MEGA-TEX Vermi Bed, we estimate that around 6-7 metric tone of Vermicompost, around 100 kgs. of vermiculture can be generated in one year. We have also provided an outlet to collect vermiwash, which is highly nutritious and around 80-100 liters can be generated in one year. We expect the first yield from 45 days of installation and around one tone of Vermicompost can be produced.
  3. Installation: MEGA-TEX Vermicompost bed made by reputed supreme 250/350/450 GSM patented crush fabrics. MEGA-TEX Vermicompost bed can be installed within two hours. It can be shifted within a short time close to the raw material source.
  4. Ventilation: There is a special provision of reinforced net windows to increase the population of worms, thereby helping in enhancing the vermicomposting process.
  5. Collection of Vermi wash: A specially designed outlet is provided to collect Vermi wash. This liquid composes of different micro-nutrients vitamins and digestive elements.

Description: - HDPE Vermicompost Bed

MEGA-TEX Vermibed represents the future in modern compost technology. We offer a unique combination of simple installation, optimal aeration control, lightweight materials, and extremely tough construction. It is a smart choice for all organic agricultural industries that benefit from the higher yields resulting from vermicomposting.


  • Its most appealing feature is its ease of installation. Those days are gone, of having to construct expensive over Vermicompost bed from materials such as concrete. It is so easy to install, several beds can be erected in just a few hours!! They are also very easy to relocate. Along with it, we have a full range of HDPE items of  MEGA-TEX Well Products.
  • Just slide the MEGA-TEX Vermi beds off their installation posts, move them to a new location, and in a few hours, they are back in service! Lightweight reinforced HDPE construction means that they can be transported cheaply and without heavy-duty vehicles. This also makes it easy to set them up in hard-to-access or remote locations.
  • In addition to industry-leading durability and construction, these beds are factory-fitted with aeration windows. Aeration allows the compost to maintain the proper moisture and oxygen levels for microbial populations to operate at peak efficiency. They also prevent excess heat build-up. Optimal aeration results in faster and healthier composts that in turn give higher crop yields.  

Easy to Install and Reallocate – MEGA-TEX Vermi bed can be installed at any place, Lightweight reinforced HDPE flexible fabrics make them they can be moved economically and easy transportation. This feature makes it simple to set them up in difficult-to-access or remote locations. can be migrated and furthermore can be reused many times. Vermi bed is light in weight henceforth extremely simple to introduce and yet it’s solid. Planned with additional firm external dividers to anticipate drooping. Heat weld fitted side pockets make Mega-Tex Vermi beds keep straight. The Aeration net windows accommodated most extreme air ventilation keeps up a roper parity of oxygen and dampness that helps to keep a controlled situation for more advantageous, quicker, and the best quality vermicompost.

Quality Material Product- MEGA-TEX Vermi bed is made of one of the best HDPE UV materials with added substances and 100 % UV stabilizers to make MEGA-TEX 450 GSM Vermicompost bed incredibly tough and enduring that gives an ensured more than 7 years UV life for the item. Produced using multilayer laminated HDPE woven fabrics having high rigidity, UV resistant, tear-resistant, crack-resistant, waterproof, and unaffected by most agrichemical which makes them solid and sturdy. Mega-Tex sets the standard in product quality..