MEGATEX HDPE 350 GSM organic Azolla Growing Bed Green And White Premium Quality. In Stock

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS                        
Base Material:    HDPE                        
UV Protected:    Yes                        
Colour:    Green/White 
Colour    :    Green / white                    
Shape:    Rectangular                    
Biodegradable:    Yes 
Feature:    Water retention for Azolla farming.
• Fabric is made from 100% virgin quality material. It is puncture-resistant, tare-resistant    
, and durable material.                                
• Easy installation: The product is provided with 14 pockets for easy installation and 6 air    
ventilation windows for aeration to earthworms which helps in increase in earthworm    
reproduction and fast composting process                    
• Properly distribute Cow dung to maintain uniform load in the Vermi Bed. Sprinkle water on    
top of Bed, maintain moisture for Earth Worms. Now introduce Earth Worms into the Vermi    
Bed, just leave                                
• UV stabilized: Mega-Tex vermi beds are Ultraviolet rays stabilized ensures product    
protection from continued exposure to strong sunlight and preventing from degrading    
product. It increases the durability of the material.                    
• Expected life: 3 Years for 250 GSM, 5 Years for 350 GSM, 7 Years for 450 GSM.