Biozap Home Composter Compost Bin , Easy to Use, odor free and hassle free.
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Composting just got odor-free and hassle-free! Biozap’s rapid kitchen composter converts your garbage into a garden in just 30 days. 

This composter kit comes with a twin bucket each of which has a capacity of 35 liters, a pair of reusable gloves, and a stirrer which makes the composting process easy to execute. 

All you have to do is cut the kitchen leftovers into small pieces and dump them in the bucket. Add the waste decomposer and leave for 30 days. 

ODOURLESS COMPOSTING -Biozap's composter comes with a scientific odor remover- a microorganism-based product which not just scientifically reduces odor but also increases the composting process and the nutrients inside the compost.  

AEROBIC COMPOSTING- This bucket is provided with a series of holes for the air to pass in. These pores provide the necessary oxygen to allow a stimulating amount of air inside the bucket.   

Once the compost is ready, add the Biozap activator to it which helps in improving the quality of the compost.  

Do’s - 

1. Cut the kitchen waste that includes long and green vegetable hard vegetables like cauliflower. Into pieces of one inch before putting them into the composter.  
2. Mix the waste daily for proper aeration.    

Do not add- 

1. Oils and fats, bread products, rice and pasta, sauces, dairy products, nuts, fish and meat, or bones. These will make the compost stink and attract pests.
2. Dog or cat feces, kitty litter, and human waste. Meat-eating animals may carry diseases, as they contain chemicals. 
3. Weeds with mature seeds. When you spread the compost, you’ll spread the weeds too. 
4. Treated wood products. These may contain harmful chemicals. 
5. Hard waste like shells of Coconut, Walnut, etc., and Mango core, corn, etc. for composting. Similarly, don't" use leftovers from Non-Vegetarian food.

This kit contain:- 
1) Biozap Waste Decomposer 50 gm - 2
2) Biozap odour  remover  50 gm -2
3) Biozap activator  500 gms  - 2
4) Coco peat 500 gm - 2
5) Warm controller - 1 
6) Hand cultivator - 1
7) Hand gloves - 1
8) Bin stand

Address of origin: Nagpur , MAHARASHTRA, 440022

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