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  • BHUMIRAS 22 - 1 Liter

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    Humic acid Sea Weed Extract & Amino Acid

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    1 Liter
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    Ponalab Biogrowth private LImited

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Descriptions :


> Offers drought resistance, due to improved moisture storage and  it can build sugar levels. High sugar level  plants are less prone to wilting.

> Increases cation-exchange capacities of the soil and promotes the conversion of nutrient elements (N, P, K + Fe, Zn and other trace elements) into forms available to plants.

> Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers by reducing nutrient especially nitrate leaching as well as reducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater.

> Regulates the pH-value of soils by neutralizing both acid and alkaline soil.

> Builds organic matter& sustainable soil eco system which results in sustainable growth and optimal yield of the crops.

> Reduces the need for Chemical fertilizers & availability of toxic substances in soil.

> Increases the permeability of plant membrane, root respiration and root formation which  improves the nutrient uptake capacity of soil.

> Effectively stimulates plant enzymes, vitamins, minerals and promotes photosynthesis.

> Induces early root growth, nutrient uptake and thus increases growth and yield

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

8th December,2018

Nice product..good packaging, Good result on my soil even in dry climate