BASF Calanit Propaquizafop 10% EC Systemic Herbicide, Post-Emergence Control of a Wide Range of Annual and Perennial Grasses.
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Technical Name: Propaquizafop 10% EC


  • Calanit is a herbicide of the aryloxy phenoxy propionates family. It is used for the post-emergence control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses.

  • Calanit is used for selective weed control in many broadleaf crops such as sugarbeet, oilseed rape, soybeans, sunflower, other field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards, and forestry, and the best result is achieved when sprayed at the 2-4 leaf stage.

  • Calanit is a systemic herbicide, which is quickly absorbed by the leaves and translocated from the foliage to the growing points of the leaves and roots of the sprayed weeds. 

  • Rainfall 1 hour after application will not affect the product activity. Optimal activity is achieved when applied early and weeds are actively growing.  

  • Calanit is safe for beneficial insects and mammals and is environmentally friendly.

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