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Cowpea also called Black-eyed pea. Scientific name is Vigna unguiculata

Cow pea is annual legume grown throughout India for green pods, dry seeds, green manure and fodder. Cowpea is a good source of protein, calcium and iron.


Climate For Cowpea


Cowpea is warm weather and semi arid crop, where temperature ranging from 200C to 300C. Minimum temperature for seed establishment is 200C and above 320C temperatures development of root is cease. For maximum production day temperature 270C and night temperature 220C required.


Temperature : 22-35 Degree




Sowing Temperature

22-28 Degree

Harvesting Temperature

30-35 Degree



well drained loamy soils


Land preparation

Requires normal bed preparation like other pulse crops. Give two ploughing to bring soil to fine tilth and carry out planking after each ploughing


Time of Sowing

March to Mid-July


while sowing use row to row spacing of 30 cm and plant to plant spacing of 15 cm. 

Sowing Depth

sowing depth should be 3-4 cm


Seed Rate

use seed rate of 20-25 kg for variety of Cowpea 88 and seed rate of 12 kg for variety of CL 367



55 to 65 days after, crop is ready for harvesting



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Narendra patel
21st May,2018

I satisfied your services and very good facility to provide your application