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RK Seeds - Bamboo Seeds, Male Bamboo, Solid Bamboo, Calcutta Bamboo, Dendrocalamus seeds,Dendrocalamus strictus ,Hard bamboo, Iron bamboo, Stone bamboo - Pack of 4 Kg

1) Dendrocalamus strictus also known as Male Bamboo, Solid Bamboo OR Calcutta. This bamboo is extensively used as a Raw Material in Paper Mills and also for a variety of purposes such as Light Construction, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Bamboo boards, Mats, Sticks, Agricultural Implements, Rafts, Baskets, Woven Wares Furniture, Poles For Construction, Ladders and Household utensils,. Leaves are used as FORAGE.

2) SEED : - PRETREATMENT OF SEEDS: Seed is soaked in water 12 hours .Germination percentage : 90 to 95 %, Time for germination in days : 10 to 12 days


3) NURSERY TECHNIQUES : Pre-treated seed broadcast on the raised beds . A layer of husk is covered over the bed. Germination is seen after 10 days. After 4 weeks, the seedling is transplanted to polythene bags


4) SOIL TYPE : It prefers well-drained soil of any type, growing gregariously on hill slopes. In DRY AND POOR SOILS, the clumps are smaller and solid whereas in fertile soils, they reach bigger dimensions and hollow. This is a drought hardy species.


5) Distribution: Found throughout India especially in the drier tracts. Grows well in the plains and in the foot hills.PIT SIZE & TREATMENT: 45 X 45 X 45 cm cubical pits, to be half filled and kept exposed to sun for top soil sterilization for about a month.SPACING: Spacing of 5 X 5 m for shoot production and 6 X 6M for timber

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