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Just connect  the water timer on your water tap (can also be connected in-line) and manually pre-set the run time and frequency of watering and the water timer will automatically switch on at  your pre-set timings and switch off after serving water to your plants through a drip irrigation line attached.

This package contain one piece each of the following:

GreenAge water timer with single Outlet.
Any dripper - 10 pieces.
16mm Female compression coupling for 16mm PE Drip Irrigation hose.
PTFE tape for thread sealing.
3/4" Garden hose adapter.
Reducer to convert 3/4" M to 1/2" M
and A manual for Programming the Water timer.

Installation or pictures of accessories if given are for descriptive purpose only.

You can connect the timer with your water tap as well as in between your supply lines.

Please note down the following

If you connect with your water tap, then you need a water tap with 3/4 inch male threaded outlet.
If your water tap has 1/2 inch male threaded outlet, then please use 1/2 to 3/4 inch Reducer.
Apply PTFE tape ( thread sealing tape)  on the threaded areas to avoid any leakage.
Use the hose adapter attached with the outlet of the timer to connect it with a garden hose.
Buy 16 mm female compression coupling if you want to connect with 16 mm drip irrigation hose. 
Consider buying  a Y adapter if you want to divert the single source of water into two Using a Screen filter will prevent clogging of drippers due to dirt in the water. 


Sold with one year warranty  against any manufacturing defects.
Ability to Pre-set your water timing and its intervals.
Works on two AAA batteries and do not require electricity or wiring.
Can be easily fixed directly onto your normal water tap.
Also can connect in-line with the overhead water tank.
Manual settings with several options of run time and intervals
Water resistant body-Indoor and outdoor application.
Low battery indicator and also equipped with special Time delay function.


Useful for both indoor and outdoor application- water resistant body.
Can also be synchronized with your mono block water pump of drip irrigation system, terrace and vertical garden, poly houses, ground garden etc.

To complete the head unit, please consider buying the following   

1) Screen Filter ( If you want to avoid clogging of water emitters by dirt and dust in the water)
2) Y adapter -3/4 inch ( If you want to divert the single water source into two opposite directions)


Please note: Once you set up the frequency and run time.

Then you have to wait until that frequency to see the timer functioning for the first time. 

For example, if you set it up for one hour frequency with a 5 minutes run time, Then you have to wait for one hour to see the timer working.

Frequency that you can set is as follows:

1 HOUR - 2 HOURS - 3 HOURS - 4 HOURS - 5 HOURS - 6 HOURS - 12 HOURS - 24 HOURS - 48 HOURS - 72 HOURS and ONE WEEK. and the RUN TIME (watering duration) that you can set is : 1 MINUTE - 3 MINUTES - 5 MINUTES - 10 MINUTES - 15 MINUTES - 20 MINUTES - 30 MINUTES - 60 MINUTES - 90 MINUTES and 120 MINUTES


GreenAge water timer is also equipped with a special time delay function.
that helps you avoid watering of plants during specific hours.
You can delay the watering start time by using the time delay feature.
You can delay watering in one hour intervals up to a maximum of 12 hours.
To delay watering for three hours, depress the time delay button three times.
Suppose if you dont want to water your plants from 8.00 PM till next day morning 6.00 AM.
depress the time delay button 10 times after the timer serves water at 8 PM. 


FOR INSTALLATION GUIDANCE:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z16Fj0FPLdk  

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