Aryabio Mahanimba Organic Neem Oil based Pest Repellant Anti-feedant for All Plants (liquid)
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Company / Manufacture ARYA BIOTECHNOLOGIES
Country of origin: India




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Mahanimba makes an excellent anti-feedant & repellant when sprayed on plant foliage. Mahanimba has a broad spectrum of action & is active against more than 200 species of pests, and insects. For e.g. Thrips, nematodes, mites, white flies, aphids, jassids, shoot and fruit borer, leaf miners, onion maggot, cabbage looper, potato tuber moth, white grub & other types of soft-bodied insects on contact.

As a fungicide it is mainly used as a preventative. It forms a coating on leaf surface which in turn prevents the germination of the fungal spores.

It is a source of nitrogen and organic matter. Mahanimba is an emulsifiable concentrate and contains an herbal surfactant which enhances the azadirachtin action and speeds up the horizontal spread of the product over crop foliage.

Product benefits : 

* mahanimba is a powerful neem oil emulsifiable concentrate repellent/deterrent as it keeps away more than 200 species of pest.

contains herbal surfactant which helps the neem oil to spread well all over the leaf surface.

*  it is a natural pest repellent, anti-feedant and preventive fungicidal.

it forms a coating on leaf surface when sprayed on leaf which in turn prevents germination of any kind of fungal spores or pests.

it is bio degradable, eco-friendly, non-phyto toxic and economical.

wide usage possible on any type of crop, concentration carefully adjusted as not to harm beneficial and predatory insects and pollinators.

can also be used in storage facilities to keep away pests.

provided in ready-to dissolve form.

Per acre : 1 to 4 ltr

Dosege and application : apply 3-5 ml per ltr of water through foliar spary soil application through drip/dreanching  for pesticide and fungicide.

Address of origin: Aurangabad, MAHARASHTRA, 431005