Aryabio Bioboost Liquid Aloevera Seaweed And Protein Fertilizer Best Organic Immunity Booster For Plants All Round Growth Stimulant Liquid
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Company / Manufacture ARYA BIOTECHNOLOGIES
Country of origin: India




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 Description :

Shrungi Bioboost contains minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes, proteins & polysaccharides derived from natural ingredients. Powder product contains all these ingredients along with silica.

It is manufactured by innovative fermentation process. Specific variety of aloe vera extract along with seaweed & biological inputs undergo fermentation process.

Rich in natural minerals derived from sea-weed, stimulates overall developmment & increases yield.

More than 20% increase in the yield was reported after the application.This is a biotechnology research product developed by us. It is manufactured by innovative fermentation process.

Specific variety of aloe vera extract along with seaweed & biological inputs undergo fermentation process. This process results in a unique formulation called SHRUNGI BIOBOOST! It contains minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides derived from natural ingredients & silica.

Product Benefits :

* Bioboost is an aloevera,seaweed and protein fertilizer which make it one of the best multi-purpose fertilizer

* Promotes plant growth by providing phyto-hormones like auxins, cytokinins, betaines, gibbelerins etc., and thus promote new root growth

* Seaweed and aloevera both help in plant cell strength development and thus can be used as immunity boosters for the plants

* Aloevera has disease resistance properties which help the plant in wound healing,enhancing systemic acquired resistance and protecting from harmful microbes. Thus provides good immunity

* Acts like a great soil conditioner by promoting bacterial activity in the soil

* Rich in natural minerals derived from sea-weed like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, NPK, etc.,

* Helps in seed germination and also provides additional budding when applied during seed soaking and as the plants are beginning to bud

* Eases transplant shock for all kinds of plants

* Enhances plant stress tolerance ability.

Per Acre : 1 To 4 LTR

Dosage And Application : Apply 3-5 Ml per LTR of water through foliar spray Soil Application through Drip/Drenching  1 to 4 per acre at vegetative growth & reproduction growth

Address of origin: Aurangabad, MAHARASHTRA, 431005