Amino Acid 80% Bio-Organic Nutritional Product, plant growth boosters in Agriculture. Out of stock

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Amino Acid 80% is a bio-organic nutritional product.

It is used as a plant growth booster in Agriculture. Amino acids are required by plants for the synthesis of the most important enzymes and hormones needed for their metabolic activities.


  • High performance-based Amino Acid 80% (Soyabean Based).
  • Helps in enhancing the size and weight of fruits
  • Non-toxic as well as safe for the environment.
  • Helps in enhancing crop quality.
  • Helps in building resistance against bacillus & disease.

Direct Benefits:

  • Helps in better crop spread.
  • Induces flowering and reduces flower drop.
  • Improves fruit setting and reduces fruit drop.
  • Improves fruit size, color, and quality.
  • Advances maturity and increase the keeping quality.
  • Provides drought resistance.
  • Increases yield to significant etc

Dose: 3-4 gm per liter.

  • Note: You can place an order for a sample. If big order is confirmed we will reimburse the sample order value. Please call us on 9016762260 for sample order.

  • Bulk Or Transport Orders Will Take 3 to 5 Days Approx For Dispatching The Order.