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This is a live plant of ROOKHRAJ PAUDHSHALA Aloevera Live Plant.

General Information About Aloevera Plant (GwarPatha) :- Aloevera (Aloe barbadensis) is a popular medicinal plant. It belongs to liliaceae family. It is a perennial plant, growing to the hight of 1½ - 2½ ft. Its leaves are long and thick, juicy with a wheel like phylotaxy.

The two sides of the leaves have thorny structure with a thorny tip. The inner substance of the leaves is jelly like, with bad odour and bitter in taste. The length of the leaves ranges from 25-30 cm., while the breadth ranges from 3-5 cm.

Normally it flowers during October to January and the long inflorescence has a large number of small pink flowers all around. Fruits are developed during February to April.

Soil and Climate Requirement:- Aloe vera is found to grow in hot humid and high rainfall conditions. It is grown in all kind of soils but well drained soil with high organic matter, is most suitable. It grows well in bright sun light. Shady conditions results in disease infestation It is highly sensitive to water stagnation.

Therefore, well drained high land should be selected for its cultivation. A rainfall ranging from 1000 – 1200 mm is ideal for aloevera cultivation.

Plantation:- Rainy season is ideal for sucker plantation. A spacing of 1.5 x 1 ft, 1 ft x 2 ft or 2 ft x 2 ft is followed. Land Preparation About 2-3 ploughings and laddering are done to make the soil weed free and friable. Land leveling is then followed. Along the slope, 15-20 ft apart drainage are made.

Application of Plant Nutrients:-Before land preparation, about 8-10 tonnes FYM/ ha is applied. Before the last ploughing, 35 kg N, 70 kg P 20 5, and 70 kg K2 0/ha are added. For controlling termites, 350-400 kg Neem Cake  /  ha may be applied . In September - October about 35-40 kg N as top dressing may be applied. If the soil is rich in organic matter, N dose can be reduced.

Plant Protection:- Aloe vera is infested by various insets and pests. Special care is needed for their control in medicinal plants like aloevera where the juice of the leaves are directly taken as medicine. Clean cultivation, interculture operation, regular and need based irrigation, application of adeguate organic manure, treatment of suker before planting, and cultivation of aloevera in sunny conditions are conducive for healthy growth of the aloe vera crop. Use of organic source of plant protection materials like raw garlic juice, neem oil (10,000 ppm) 2-3 ml / lit, tobacco extractant 20 ml / lit gave reasonably good result.

Yield:-Harvesting of leaves starts after 7-8 months of planting. Sharp knife is used for harvesting. Care has to be taken to reduce the loss of juice from the cut portion. If harvesting is done once in a year, October - November are the best period for harvesting. Second year gives maximum yield and for about 4-5 years good yield could be harvested . After harvesting leaves are dried in shade and then in sun before storages. Flowers are collected in December - January and preserved after proper drying. Yearly 100 - 115 quintals raw leaves and 350 - 400 kg flowers / ha are obtained (3).

Legal Disclaimer : Subject to climatic conditions
Warranty Details for this offer : No Warranty on Live Plants as Growing, flowering and fruiting are subject to So many climatic condition like Air, Kind of soil, water, humidity and temperature beyond our control.

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