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    Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

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    Divine Laboratory

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  • Stress Management : Algaetech10 helps to improve your crop's ability to deal with stresses like: Drought Stress Heat Stress Frost Stress Salinity Stress Pests Disease
  • Plant Establishment : Plants are often exposed to harsh growing conditions during early root development. Use Algaetech10 to:(i) Create bigger, stronger plant root systems that Improve the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients (ii)Increase capacity to store carbohydrates that are used to fuel plant growth and development (iii) enhance the formation of plant root nodules, which store beneficial bacteria that convert nitrogen into a format the plant can use
  • Crop Quality : Plants often have to deal with challenging conditions such as abiotic stress during their development. use Algaetech10 to: increase fruit set and reduce fruit drop improve plant natural defenses to biotic and abiotic stress increase fruit size, weight, color and firmness enhance growth and uniformity
  • Nutrient Uptake : Algaetech10 helps root uptake and absorption of the following plant essential nutrients: Ca, Mn, Mg, Zn, Fe, B and Cu
  • DOSAGE and APPLICATION: (1) Foliar Application 3-5 ML / Liter of water (Once in 15 days) (2) Root application : 3 Liter / Acre (Once in 30 Days)

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Murali sagpariya
25th December,2018

Best result of Seaweed extract and improve my crops. nice paking bottal easy to use.