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Product Details

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Product Description

Hand Operated Gasoline Chainsaw is a hand operated device which is mainly utilized for cutting wooden blocks, bars, and trees.It is fitted with a high quality motor which assists in generating torque required for cutting. This saw works on principle of rotating a sharp chain which moves along guide bar. It is fitted with a small fuel tank which serves as a power source for motor. Chain Saw contains a crankshaft which turns gear assembly that is connected to sprocket on which chain is fitted.



Perfect hand grip with throttle trigger
Assures easy fuel filling
Smooth cutting operation


Product Specification

Engine type Single Cylinder, Air-cooling, 2-stroke

Displacement -58CC

Engine Power -2.8KW/8000RPM

Maximum Engine Speed at idling -3000±200RPM

Maximum Engine Speed with cutting attachment -


Fuel Consumption -450±30g/kw.h

Fuel Mixture-(Gasoline 25:Two cycle oil 1)

Fuel tank capacity- 0.55L

Oil tank capacity- 0.26L

Guide Bar Size -22"

Chain pitch Pitch -0.325"/gauge0.058

Carburetor- diaphragm

Ignition System -C.D.I

N.W -5.3KG

MEAS- 48*26*30cm



Chain Saw Packing List

No.Name Quantity Remark

1 Chain Saw 1pc Guide Bar, Chain, Bar protector

2 Tank 1pc

3 Specifications 1copy

4 Toolkit 1pc

Contains: Chain file, carburetor adjusting screwdriver,

spark plug wrench, 3 six angle wrench and 4

six angle wrench

Daily Maintenance of 5800 Chain Saw

1. Clean the surface of the machine.

2. Clean the Air cleaner, use gas to clean the filter core.

3. Check all the connections whether there is leakage of oil

or air.

4. Check all the screws of the engine cover to see if there are

the loose or lost. If there is, please screw tightly or replace.

5. Cover the machine with plastic film and store it in dry and

well ventilated.



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