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  • Agri Biofungicide 500 Gm (Systematic and Contact Organic fungicide)

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  • Agri-Biofungicide is a unique formulation of systemic and contact, organic fungicide.

  • It multiplies fast on root exudates, produces antibiotics and enzymes that kills the pathogens in the rhizosphere and protects the host plant.

  • It contains conidial spores, mycelia fragments and vegetative cells.

  • It controls most fungal diseases of different crops.


  • It can be used for organic Agriculture.

  • The method used in formulation of Agri- Biofungicide is superior to other products available in market.

  • It improves crop yields and quality of produce by keeping the crops disease free.

  • It is eco-friendly and maintains the ecological balance of the soil.

  • It is harmless to the environment, does not create resistance and residue problem.

Dosage - Use 30-35 days time span 15 to 20 Gm Per 16 Ltr Pump.

In Summer use it 15-20 days time span 15 to 20 Gm Per 16 Ltr Pump with 5 Ml Agri82.

Note-Dont use it in flowering stage.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Rakesh jatt
13th July,2018

It multiplies fast on root educates, produces antibiotics and enzymes that kill the pathogens in the rhizosphere and protect the host plant.

Gautam Rajput
5th June,2019

good product, and these company are all product are organic