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    Hybrid Eucalyptus

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General : E. hybrid (Mysore gum ) the most important characteristics of E. hybrid contributing to its popularity under Indian conditions are: it is fast growing, capable of over topping weeds, coppices well, is fire hardy, browse resistant and it has the ability to adapt to a wide range of edaphoclimatic conditions Eucalyptus hybrid is the most widely planted eucalypts in India. The species have spread to most parts of the country, primarily because of their versatile nature and its amenability for harvesting in short rotations. Despite the unclear situation regarding requirement of water, particularly in the semiarid areas, eucalypt has commercial acceptability, and is being grown for various purposes.

Pretreatment: Not required.

Nursery Technique : Seed mixed with sand is broadcasted on raised primary beds with a cover of fine sand. The bed is covered with hay.

Germination takes place with 5 to 15 days. When 5 to 14 cms tall, they are pricked out to the polybags.

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