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  • Urban Krushi Dripper Emitter drip irrigation Accessories for Drip irrigation kit (25 Dripper)

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High quality Max quantity -100% - ISI certified ( All the components are Fully Guaranteed) 

Dripper or Emitter for Drip irrigation kit , Connected at end of feeder pipe

Easy set up process, fully customizable and no plumbing skills required. All the necessary components are part of this kit. Accurate watering system which saves 70 % of water and also delivers right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it - Can be used to water plants in Terrace, Balcony, Ground Garden space etc.

WHY BUY FROM US? - High quality & transparent pricing - Our main aim is to make people aware of the potential in Organic farming. Hence we work on fewer margins to provide quality products to customers at affordable price - We don’t compromise on quality, But cut Price on shipping and packing and pass the benefits to Customers

100% RETURN AND REFUND SUPPORT - We were buyers before seller so we understand your concern. For this reason we are always willing to listen to your complaints/queries/ suggestions or feedback to with respect to product or service. And we provide full support in return and refund.

Contribute to the Farmers - For every Purchase, you make on Urban Krushi. We are committed to helping the distraught farmers with 10 % per cent of our margins. This is our Part and promise to help them.

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