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Magic FungiX – A 100% Organic Input Product - Fungus preventer and Controller

Magic FungiX is a new generation, broad spectrum, 100% organic systematic Fungicide. It does not contain any chemical fungicide.

Powerful formulation containing naturally occurring organic sulfur having metabolite and vegetable origin protein.

3 way effective Fungicide:

Prevents from beginning of disease

Destroy the disease

Destroy the fungus

Can be applied in both ways, spray or drenching for nursery plant  roots treatment, seed treatment and before harvesting fruits and vegetables to make free from fungus.

After spray, it spreads on the plant, and a layer of Magic FungiX develops on it. And effectively control the disease. It has the capacity to prevent from the disease and by preventing, it eliminate the disease. After spray of Magic FungiX, within an hour it spreads into leaves, branches and stem, after that it has no any effect of heat, cold or rain. Hence Magic FungiX provides long-term and quicker protection.

Greening Effect: In addition to the control of fungus, Its phytotonic characteristics induce early and uniform maturity, that results into enhanced shelf life and better crop quality.

It controls a wide range of Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes

Magic FungiX gives the best results in all fungus related diseases like Rust, Blight, Rot, Spot, Damping off, Anthracnose, Pythium, Tikka and Downy MIldew

Magic FungiX can be mixed with any other insecticide or fungicide

Main crops:   Cereals, pulses & legumes, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, fodder, fiber, flowers, green house, forestry etc. to non-crop spectrum of lawns, indoor plants, golf turf, etc.


200-250 gram per acre, 30 gram per pump (of 15 ltr of water), to be sprayed at an interval of every 5-7 days. As per requirement 2-4 sprays

Drip: 250 gram per acre

Seed Treatment: 5 gram per 1 kg of seeds

Benefits of Magic FungiX:

Magic FungiX is a broad spectrum botanical fungicide highly efficient in control of wide range of fungal disease causing pathogens and diseases that may otherwise cause huge economic losses.

Magic FungiX is powered with acropetal activity making it least vulnerable to losses due to wash-off.

Magic FungiX at its recommended dosages is very economical compared to other contact fungicides making farmers making full value for their investment in this input.

Magic FungiX provides fungus free protection for 10-15 days under normal conditions saving upon labour and money as few sprays are required.

Magic FungiX is compatible with most of the available pesticides and hence reduces cost on carrying separate sprays.

Magic FungiX has longer shelf life of 2 years and hence under unfavorable market situation, it can be used even in next season

(As the usage of this product is not in our control, except the uniform quality we don't take any responsibility)